WebStore, Installation Instructions for Software Distributed by WebStore

Installation instructions index link for University support staff

WebStore provides installation instructions for the software it distributes. Our goal is to provide guidance for the installation process. This includes specifying the correct settings that must be selected to ensure proper installation of the software. The instructions are created from our test installation of the software.

A link to the installation instructions is included in the WebStore customer's order history. The order history also contains the necessary additional information, if required, such as code, key, license file, registration, or license server name.

As a courtesy to University of Illinois support staff, we are including the link below to an index page of the current installation instructions. Keep in mind that you will still need to reference information from the customer's order in most cases.

The index is a simple list of the current installation titles linked to the installation documents. Simply click on the title you would like to view. A web browser is all that is needed to view the installation instructions.

WebStore Installation Instructions