Webstore, Changes to the Autodesk software license

Changes to the Autodesk licenses for Administrative and personal use.

Autodesk has changed their software license model for academic institutions. They are now providing Autodesk products free to staff, faculty and students for purposes directly related to learning, teaching, training, research, and development. Access to these products can be obtained directly from Autodesk by creating an Autodesk ID on the Autodesk Education Community using your UI email address. WebStore continues to distribute Autodesk products for teaching & research to satisfy University-owned computer installations, but all PERSONAL computer installations for teaching & research purposes should be handled through the Autodesk Education Community going forward.

One important development with the new license model is that Autodesk no longer includes facilities/administrative use as part of their academic license model. Administrative use is now a separate license model and will have to be purchased under an Autodesk commercial license contract. Autodesk licenses for Administrative Use are available for purchase via the WebStore.

WebStore purchased perpetual licenses of Autodesk products with maintenance under the academic contract (when facilities/administrative use was included). Maintenance on these licenses is no longer available. You are allowed to use the current version (2013) of these licenses for facilities/administrative purposes perpetually at no cost however, Autodesk 2013 products are not supported on Windows 10. Any new version releases of Autodesk products will only be available from the WebStore under commercial licensing fee-based models. It will be extremely helpful if facilities/administrative customers can provide (email webstore@illinois.edu) information on the specific products you require going forward as we will have to license these individually in the future.