NetID Change, Merging multiple NetIDs

I have multiple NetIDs across the university campuses or my campus NetID is different from my Enterprise ID. How can I merge them?

If you are affiliated with multiple University of Illinois campuses (Chicago, Urbana, Springfield), you may have different NetIDs. These are often the same, but in the event that they are not, you have several options. This also applies if your NetID differs from your Enterprise ID. 

If you DO wish to merge your identities, you can choose to use one of the following:

NOTE: At this time, UIS NetIDs cannot be changed. 

When going through a NetID change, please be aware of the following:

You may put in a request to change your NetID by contacting the Help Desk at or by calling 217-244-7000.

It is not encouraged, but if you do NOT wish to merge your NetIDs, please be aware that you will have to manage multiple passwords through multiple logins in the NetID Center

If they would like to change their: