Kaltura, YouTube media

Users can add YouTube media to their Kaltura account.

How to add media from YouTube

Please note that YouTube videos do not have the same options available as media uploaded to Kaltura. For example you will not have the same sharing features, or clipping and trimming. 

This media can be added to playlists and channels.  You can order captions for them.  You can also then add them to a Canvas course space (Kaltura, Add a video to Canvas ).

They will now play without advertisements.  

Note on browsers: Some versions of Chrome or other browsers that block add content from playing automatically may prevent the form from appearing to enter metadata and save.  If this happens, you need to click on the video to play it (even if it is still spinning like it is not ready).  This will allow the rest of the form to load and you can add the video to your media.