PIE, Adding users

Publish Site Administrators can add users to various roles within their websites.

Site administrators can add new users to their site very easily.

  1. Go to your site’s Dashboard
  2. Go to Users
  3. Go to Add New
  4. Add Existing User
    • Use this form for all members of the Urbana Campus (netid@illinois.edu)
    • Use this form for any external contributors who have been added to other Publish sites
    • If you aren't sure whether a user exists or not, try this form first
  5. Add New User
    • Use this form if you tried Add Existing User and the user was not found ("The requested user does not exist")
    • Use this form for contributors who have not been previously added to a Publish and and who do not have an @illinois.edu email address, including contributors from other campuses (@uis, @uic, @uillinois)
  6. Users you add will receive an email message to confirm their membership.  You will not see the new users in your user list until they perform this step. You may want to contact your new user directly to verify they received the email and were able to confirm their membership.

WordPress Roles

This is adapted from the WordPress documentation at wordpress.org.