Kaltura, Obtaining embed code or link for media

You can find the embed code or the link to share videos under the Share tab in mediaspace

How to get a link or embed code for media

You must be logged in to https://mediaspace.illinois.edu to see the link to "Share" a video.  
Note: Users who click on the link or the embedded video will be prompted to log in as they do to https://mediaspace.illinois.edu.  If you want people with no U of I connection to view the video you will need to do one of the following:
  • If the media has been published to a public gallery or a public channel, anyone who clicks on the link will view the media, without logging in, just as when they visit https://mediaspace.illinois.edu without logging in.
  • If the media is set to Unlisted, anyone clicks on the link will also be able to view the media, without logging in.  To set a video to Unpublished, choose "Publish" from the actions menu under the video and choose "unlisted." 
(Note: if your media is published to a non-public gallery, such as might be used for a class, you would have to create a copy (Kaltura, Trim, Copy, or Create a Clip of a video ) and make it unlisted in order to share it in this way.) 

Setting media to Unlisted.