Illinois Compass 2g, Create Blackboard Collaborate Web Conferencing Session

Instructors can create and configure Blackboard Collaborate sessions in Illinois Compass 2g. Students can create and configure Blackboard Collaborate sessions in Compass 2g as owners of COLLABORATION or RESEARCH type spaces.

  1. Log into your Compass space.
  2. Enable the Blackboard Collaborate tool:
  3. Select Blackboard Collaborate from Course Tools.
  4. collabSetup image 01
  5. On the Blackboard Collaborate landing page, you will find two options to launch rooms and an option to create a session.
    1. Course Room: the first room is called the Course Room. It automatically takes the name of the course but this can be changed. The Course room will remain available for the duration of the course and does not need to be scheduled. Attendance in this room cannot be added to the Grade Center.
    2. My Room: the second room is a private room which is automatically created for instructors and administrators. The same room/same links are shared over all of the courses that you may own. It can be used for Office Hours, meetings or for practice.
    3. Schedule a Session: the third type of room is one that can be scheduled. 
    4. collabSetup image02
  6. Click Create Session to create and schedule a new session.
  7. Complete the Session Information and Room Options.

Session Information

  1. Enter a Session Name – the course name will be the default
  2. Enter a Start and End Time
  3. If you want the session to Repeat, click the Off button to toggle it On.
  4. bb Collab setup image 04

  5. By default 15 minutes will be selected for the Early session entry. This sets the number of minutes prior to the Start Time, participants may enter the session.
    bb collab setup image 05

Room Options

  1. Teleconference Options
    1. Use Built in: will dynamically generate the conference call number, leader PIN, and participant PIN. Students and guests accessing a session will see this information before they enter the room.
    2. Use third party: you need to provide the information users require for access to the session.
    3. Do not use teleconference: users can hear the session through their computer speakers or a USB headset. With a headset, outside noises and echoes are diminished.

      VoIP also helps you distinguish among speakers. Microphone icons appear next to participants' names when they speak. For large classes, this can help you understand who is grasping the material or who needs additional help.

      When you select the third party or built-in teleconference options, Blackboard Collaborate cannot visually indicate who in the participant list is speaking.

  2. Room Attributes

    bb collab setup image 07

    1. Recording Mode - Controls the recording for the session.

      • Manual – Moderators manually start and pause the recording
      • Automatic – recording starts
        automatically when the first participants
        enters the room
      • Disabled – session will not be recorded
    2. Max Simultaneous Talkers - Maximum number of simultaneous talkers allowed at the start of the session (1 to 6)
    3. Max Cameras - Maximum number of simultaneous web cameras allowed at the start of the session (1 to 6)
    4. View Private Messages - Allows moderators to view all private chat messages in the session.
    5. Full Participant Permissions - All participants will have full permissions when they enter the session. Permissions are audio, video, chat and whiteboard. The moderator can give and take away permissions during the session.
    6. Raise Hand on Entry - Users automatically raise their hands when they join the session. 
    7. Allow In-Session Invitations - While in a session, moderators can invite users to join.
    8. Allow guests - You can send guests a URL to access your Blackboard Collaborate session. See guest participation below.
    9. Hide Names in Recordings - Names of participants are hidden when viewing recordings. Names are replaced with Participant 1, Participant 2, etc
    10. Preload Content - Upload a file to use in the session. This will preload into the session content such as whiteboard files.

  3. Grade Center Integration – Once the session ends, you can pull an Attendance Report which will allow you to push the points to the Grade Center. The instructor can assign the point value which defaults to 100.
    bb Collab setup image 08
  4. Assign Roles
    1. All users join as participants – default choice so that all participants only have the participant
    2. All users join as moderators – can be used if creating a study room or similar and there is not specifically assigned individual to facilitate/moderate the session

      Bb Collab setup image 08

    3. Assign access Restrict who can join this session as a moderator or a participant. If this option is chosen, you must assign all participants and moderators to the session.

      bb collab setup image 09

Guest Participation

Individuals who are not enrolled in a course can be invited to join using a URL. The URL is automatically generated when the session is created. It will display in a green banner at the top of the Blackboard Collaborate landing page.

Bb Collab setup image 10

Email Invitation – guests can also be invited to join a session by sending an email invitation directly from the course.

  1. Locate the session and click invite guests.

  2. Enter the email address of the guest who should be invited and click Add and Done.
    bb collab setup image 12


Web conferencing sessions can be recorded and access to the recorded session is available from the course.

  1. From the landing page select Recordings
  2. Bb Collab setup image 13
  3. Locate the desired recording and Click the Play button
  4. bb collab setup image 14
  5. Click the chevron next to the name of the recording to find the recording options menu
  6. bb Collab setup image 15