College of FAA: How do I Connect To a File Server?

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This article applies only to Faculty, Staff and Students of the College of Fine and Applied Arts (FAA).
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A File Server (or "Share") is a device that controls access to separately stored files, as part of a multiuser system.

To connect to an FAA server share you must be either on IllinoisNet wireless, plugged in to the Illinois network, or connected through the VPN if you are not on campus.  If you would like instructions on setting up the VPN please click here.

FAA file servers require credentials for the UOFI Active Directory. The list is as follows:
Note: These are NOT URL's. You cannot click on them and connect automatically. 

   File Servers   
 SharesDomainWindows PathMacintosh Path


   Course Folders   
 SharesDomainWindows PathMacintosh Path
ART UOFI \\\ARTsmb://
Dance UOFI \\\Dancesmb://
LA UOFI \\\LAsmb://
Urban UOFI \\\Urbansmb://

When providing credentials, the format should be DOMAIN\username. Use the backslash " \ " key.

Note: for Windows systems, sometimes old or incorrect credentials will be stored in Credential manager. This is a windows control panel administrative tool which stores all of your usernames & passwords for various network resources, such as mapped network drives, web sites, and such. If Credential Manager has old credentials, they must be removed and the computer must be rebooted. If you need help with this, contact Technology Services at FAA for assistance.

On Windows


  1. Click Start and choose Computer. From the menu, choose "Map Network Drive".



  2. Choose a drive letter. For "Folder", you must specify the server name and the share name. You should have been provided this information by either your instructor (In the case of a course-related folder), or your IT staff (For staff/faculty folders).


  3. In the text field for "Folder" type the address of the location you are trying to connect to.  This usually starts with two backslashes "\\" and might be something like \\\staff  Windows requires a share folder to connect to so simply putting \\faa-files will not be enough, you must specify a folder within the location.



  4. A window will pop up asking you to enter your network password, for the username put "UOFI\" followed by your netID, and your AD password as your password. If you aren't sure which domain to use (UOFI or UIUC), check the table at the top of this web page!



  5. Choose OK.


  6. You should now have a window open with your desired network location, and Windows will automatically display this under Network on the left of any Explorer window, as long as you are connected to the UIUC/Illinois Network.


On a Mac


  1. Open a Finder window and on the keyboard press Command  and K at the same time.  This should open up a "Connect To Server" window.  You can also find "Connect to Server" at the bottom of the Go menu at the top.


  2. Under "Server Address" type the name of the server location you are trying to reach. 


  3. This location should start with "smb://".  If the name of the location starts with "\\", for example, \\la-server02 then you should put "smb://la-server02" into this field.



  4. Connect and Finder will either ask you about a specific location within the network such as "staff" "classes" (folders within the location) then it will open up a window with the network location displayed or it will only do the latter.


  5. You're finished!  Use this method from now on to connect to locations on the network—after connecting once, the server address should be stored in the "Favorite Servers" list just under "Server Address"


  6. If a window pops up prompting you for a username and password:

    • For University Owned Machines: enter your netID and AD password.

    • For Personally Owned Machines: enter "UOFI\" followed by your netID and AD password.

University Owned MachinePersonally Owned Machine


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