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Backup system used by Virtual Hosting group


Technology Services Virtual Hosting group is leveraging Veeam Backup and Replication to provide backup services to customers.  Veeam is an agent-less backup solution that leverages existing features of the VMware virtual server environment to create backups of virtual machines.  As a result, there is nothing for customers to install or configure on their virtual machines.  The software will work behind the scenes to create backups of customer virtual machines.
Veeam also has application aware  backup options that can be leveraged as well as agent-based backups for physical machines.
Contact if you have interest in the Veeam Backup service.


The Virtual Hosting Service page has the most up to date rates for services under Virtual Hosting:


Veeam will allow for entire VM backup and restore operations.
Backups will happen automatically during the overnight hours.
Virtual Machine Restores from backup can be initialized on-demand using our self-service web portal.  Customers can also contact the Virtual Hosting group for assistance.
Customers also have the ability to restore individual files or SQL database backups. 
More information about Restores can be found in this article: Virtual Hosting, Veeam Backup Self-Service Portal  


Backup reports are available via the Veeam web interface.  You can also request to have daily automated reports emailed to you or your group.

Additional Information

If you would like more information about Veeam software and how you can leverage it, you can submit a ticket request to:
For more technical information about how the Virtual Hosting group is leveraging Veeam,  see the following article:  Virtual Hosting, Veeam Backup Additional Information


Escalation Information: (some basic information that must be documented prior to escalation).

Required information to gather: (for error messages or problems).

  • Server name(s)
  • Department
  • Description of the problem
*If you are unable to find an answer that resolves the customer issue, please escalate as shown below with the required information listed above.  Speak with a supervisor or Team Lead for additional input, if needed. If you receive questions about Veeam, the ticket can be forwarded as shown below.
Where to escalate the ticket to:
  • Request Area: Tech Services.Virtual Hosting (Selecting this request area auto-assigns the request to the Virtual Hosting group)
  • Transfer the ticket to: TechSvcs-Virtual Hosting

Service Outage Reports

  • If a customer is reporting a service outage, please transfer the ticket immediately and reach out to a service admin or service owner via Skype for Business.

Consultants can use Contacts Database to contact the service admin:

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