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These instructions describe how to print secure documents to the Konica/Minota BizHub 754 and C454 Multi-Function printers. This requires the customer to login to release the print job at the printer.

User Box Setup

  1. First, the customer must have a login for the 754/454, with a PIN. These are usually set up by the Music administrator.
  2. Then, a User Box must also be set up for an individual that requires secure print. This must be done via the touch-screen physically on the printers. To set up a user box:
  3. Log into the LCD panel using the admin PIN.
  4. Select "One-Touch / User Box Creation".
  5. Select "Reg...?"
  6. Select "Create User Box". 
  7. Select "Public / Personal".
  8. Select "New User box"
  9. Enter NetID of the customer for the name. Put in "public".
  10. Assign a user box number, and a secret PIN code. 

    * Remember the user box NUMBER and PIN! This number must be used again later.

The MFP is now able to receive documents to the customer's "box". To do this, go to the customer's computer and print a job to either the 751 or c451 queue. 

How to Print


  1. Using the System Dialog (Hint: CTRL+SHIFT+P in Chrome), select the printer you want and click "Preferences".


  2. In the upper right corner under "Output Method", select "Save in User Box". an additional dialog pops up.


  3. for "File Name", type in something to identify your document at the printer. 
  4. Enter the USER BOX NUMBER from step 1 above.


  5. Select OK, then print. The document will be sent to the "user box" on the printer.
  6. Now you must go to the printer to release the job.
  7. Log into the printer using the pin code established by School of Music.
  8. Click the “User Box” button.
  9. Select the user box with your user name.
  10. Select the job to print, click "Print".

For Mac OS:  

  1. At the print dialogue, click "Show Details".


  2. Select "User Box" under the "Output Method".


  3. Insert a descriptive identification for "File Name". this is just what shows up on the printer display.
    For User Box Number, enter the customer's box number set up initially. Click OK and the job will be sent to the proper user box.


  4. Now you must go to the printer to release the job.
  5. Log into the printer using the pin code established by School of Music.
  6. Click the “User Box” button.
  7. Select the user box with your user name.
  8. Select the job to print, click "Print".


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