Blackboard Collaborate, Instructor Guide

This guide provides an overview of common features instructors can use in Blackboard Collaborate

Loading Slides Into Live Sessions

Blackboard Collaborate Guide for loading content is available here:
Blackboard Collaborate slides must be in either PowerPoint (ppt, pptx) or Open Office format (odp). Slides converted from Keynote to PowerPoint will not work in Blackboard Collaborate. Slides uploaded to BBC also lose animations, links, and image quality.
To load slides into whiteboard, do one of the following:
In the Blackboard Collaborate Menu (top left corner of interface), choose File > Open > Whiteboard.
Slides will take a few seconds to appear in whiteboard area. Open Office or PowerPoint may open to convert the slides. You can close this application when the slides have been converted and appear in the main window.

Creating Breakout Rooms

Blackboard Collaborate Guide for creating breakout rooms is available here:
In the Blackboard Collaborate Menu (top left corner of interface), choose Tools > Breakout Rooms > Create Breakout Rooms
NOTE: You will want to click “Allow Participants to Move Themselves...” as well. This allows students to move to breakout rooms without your assistance.
A window will appear with distribution and naming options:
Choose this option if you want to make the rooms first then move participants later in the session
Both of these options move participants immediately (either in even groups of into selected groups).        
Copying Main Room Page to Breakout Rooms
Blackboard Collaborate Guide for moving pages from breakout rooms to the Main Room is available here:
Moderators can copy Whiteboard pages in the Main room or their private work areas to all or selected breakout rooms. (Participants cannot perform this function.)

Copying Pages from Breakout Rooms back to Main Room
Blackboard Collaborate Guide for moving pages from breakout rooms is available here:

Moderators can bring breakout room pages back to the Main Room after small group activities using this function. Pages will be imported to the Main Room in order by Room name and will be inserted after the last slide selected on the Main Room whiteboard.
To copy all pages in all breakout rooms to the Main room, do one of the following:

Granting Moderator Privileges

Blackboard Collaborate guide for granting and taking moderator privileges:

When a guest or student needs to present in the Blackboard Collaborate environment, you will need to grant rights to do so. All participants come into the class with these rights:
Moderators appear at the top of the Participants list and Participants appear at the bottom:
Moderator Section
Participant Section
To grant rights to individual users, you select a single or multiple Participants in the Participants list and do one of the following:
The Give Moderator Privilege confirmation dialog opens. Click Yes to give the selected Participants the Moderator privilege. The Participants will receive a confirmation message indicating that they are now a Moderator and the Participants list is updated for everyone in the class to see the change in status.
You can revoke privileges using the same method but choosing “Take Away Moderator Privileges” in the options menu. This will regulate the user to a Participant.

Application Sharing

Application Sharing allows you to share any application open on your computer (web browsers, PDFs, software, etc.) with everyone logged into the Blackboard Collaborate session. Anything that you do within that application will be visible. When you are Application Sharing you will still be able to view and participate in the chat as well as use your microphone.

Do not use Application Sharing to display websites containing audio samples or videos. Audio will not be transmitted through Blackboard Collaborate and the video will lag severely. As an alternative, consider using Web Tour to share multimedia content.

To start Application Sharing, either click on the button containing two overlapping rectangles located above the Whiteboard area or go to Tools > Application Sharing > Start Application Sharing.

Once Application Sharing is selected, a menu will appear. The menu will contain a list of the applications you can share. Select an application from the list and click Share. Note: Minimized applications will not appear in the list.

After clicking the Share button, your Blackboard Collaborate panels will rearrange themselves. The Audio & Video, Chat, and Participants panels will remain but the whiteboard area will be replaced by your chosen application.

Web Tour

Web Tour allows you to share websites with everyone logged in the session. Unlike Application Sharing, Web Tour will not broadcast your actions to the session's participants. Once you have directed the session to a website, participants will be able to explore content and links on their own.

Do not use Web Tour to share links to password protected sites. If you want to share content from a website that requires login information, consider using Application Sharing instead.

To start Web Tour, go to View > Web Tour or click on the button with an image of the earth imposed over a rectangle. The button is located above the Whiteboard area.

Once you begin a Web Tour, a window will open up asking for a URL. Type in the full URL of the site you wish to share and hit Enter. By default, the webpage will load within the Blackboard Collaborate application window.

To stop Web Tour click on the Whiteboard or Application Share button at the top of the Blackboard Collaborate window.