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Troubleshooting steps for audio issues in general assignment classrooms.

  1. Make sure that the system has been turned on. You can turn the system on by pressing Display On on the control panel or Start with Audio and Video on a pullout touchscreen. Wait 30-90 seconds for the Display On button to stop blinking, or the touch panel to stop counting down.

  2. Turn the volume knob on the control panel all the way up to red, or unmute and turn up the volume control on the touchpanel (check the KB page for the specific room you are supporting to see which type of volume control is present).

     Volume Knob

    audio control on left side of push-button control panel

     Touchpanel Volume

    Touchpanel volume control on left side under picture mute

  3. If using a laptop and VGA connection, make sure the audio cable is plugged into the laptop's headphone jack.

    Note: If the instructor is using an HDMI connection (both on laptop and on the lectern) the headphone jack should NOT be plugged in. Also, on a laptop the instructor may need to check what playback device they have selected in their audio playback menu.
    If the instructor is using an HDMI to VGA adapter (HDMI on laptop, VGA on lectern) the headphone jack should be used.

  4. If using the resident PC check to make sure that resident pc audio is not muted or another audio source selected.
  5. If using the resident PC and Windows Media Player, ask that the instructor use VLC media player instead as this may improve audio.  
  6. If playing YouTube, turn up YouTube's volume by hovering over the megaphone icon and adjusting the slide bar.
  7.  YouTube Volume
Youtube volume control on lower left next to play button

If none of these steps work, make sure the amplifier is turned on. If it is turned on, try turning the master volume knob up on the amplifier in the rack of equipment (if the instructor is unsure of how to do this, please go assist them with this step in person). If you can confirm that the amplifier is on and turned up, try a hard restart of the resident PC (press and hold the power button until the PC turns off, then press again to turn back on).

 Master Volume Knob

Amplifier volume control in AV rack