ClassTech, Troubleshooting, Keyboard & Mouse

Troubleshooting steps for keyboard issues in general assignment classrooms.

If the keyboard or mouse is dead it needs to be replaced. A team lead should assign a student to take one out and replace it if possible. If the mouse/keyboard is in a doghouse or within the cabinet so that we cannot access it, escalate to the technicians and assign to Matt Sherer, noting that we cannot access the cabinet. 

If the if the keyboard is putting in the wrong letters (e.g. you type ‘Q’ and get ‘P’) then see below.


First keyboard is plugged in and if it is:

  1. Click the Start icon in the lower-left-hand corner of the screen

     Start Icon

    The Windows Start icon.

  2. A pop-up menu will appear. Type Control Panel and select the first list item.

     Click on Control Panel

    Select Control Panel from the start menu.

  3. Turn on the On-Screen Keyboard.
  • Select "Ease of Access Center"

     Ease of Access

    Ease of Access Center icon.

  • Select "Start On-Screen Keyboard".

The keys are not in English, or the keyboard does not look like a standard QWERTY keyboard


Note: The instructor must already be logged in to the resident PC for these steps to work.

  1. In Control Panel, Select the Language icon.

     Language Icon

    The Language icon.

  2. Click on the English (United States) option if it is not already highlighted.

     What the languages menu should look like.

    Select English (United States) from the language list.

  3. Highlight any differences and click Remove.

  4. If something like "United States-Dvorak" is listed for the keyboard layout, change it back to US.