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ClassTech, Troubleshooting, No Internet on Resident PC

Classroom Technologies procedure for troubleshooting network loss on Resident PCs in general assignment classrooms.

1) Get the user's location and NetID.

2) Ping the resident PC to make sure it's connected to the network. Open this document: [Link for document 64779 is unavailable at this time.] and find the IP address for the specific building and room.

  • To ping the computer, go to the Start menu in the lower-left corner >> All Programs >> Accessories >> Command Prompt. Type ping followed by the IP address of the machine in question.
  • If the computer IS on the network, this is what the results should look like:
  • an image of the command prompt with all four packets sent and received.
  • If the computer IS NOT on the network, this is what the results will look like:
  • An image of the command prompt showing four timed out requests.

3) Check that the ethernet cable is firmly attached to the back of the tower. If loose or disconnected, plug it in. The link light on the front of the tower should be lit up. It looks like three squares set up in a pyramid.

  • A link light, which looks like three squares set up in a pyramid.

4) Press and hold the power button on the tower until the machine turns off. Then turn it on again and log in.

Did this work?

Yes: Make a ticket in the Tech Services.Classroom Technologies.Lectern request area, use the TechSvcs-Help Desk group, Break/Fix work type, and you're the assignee. Then resolve the ticket.

No: Contact Chris Hendricksen. Make a ticket in the TechSvcs-ClassTech Computer request area, use the TechSvcs-Computer Labs and Classrooms group, Work Order work type, and assign it to Hendricksen, Chirsotpher Erik.

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