Digital Signage, Accessing Remote Desktop Server

Steps needed to access FWi Content Manager Desktop using a remote desktop application.

*NOTE - 1/9/2010 3:00pm* The FourWinds system has been upgraded as of January 7, 2020. We are still experiencing issues with digital signs properly connecting and deploying from Content Manager. Users are able to connect to the server and upload or edit signage content, however you will not be able to deploy to signs at this time.

From a Remote Desktop client ... (such as Remote Desktop Connection in Windows or Microsoft Remote Desktop in OS X):

Windows RDP

Open a remote connection to the following address:

Initial Remote Desktop Connection

When prompted, login using your NetID and campus password
     Note: for first time users, it will take a few seconds to create a user profile)

RDP Connection Password

After the user desktop has loaded, open Content Manager Desktop from the shortcut on the desktop

Content Manager Desktop shortcut

Content Manager Desktop will launch and open a connection to the signage database.
     Note: The first time launching Content Manager Desktop will take approximately 30 seconds to complete as it sets up the user profile.


After Content Manager has finished loading the top bar will show the current user connected.


At this point Content Manager Desktop has been configured and you are ready!

If you have any issues with Content Manager launching or receive a message that you need to configure a connection, please send an email to and we will be happy to get you connected to your unit signage in Content Manager