Digital Signage, Accessing Remote Desktop Server

Steps needed to access FWi Content Manager through remote desktop.

Accessing Digital Signage Remote Desktop Server

From a Remote Desktop client (such as Remote Desktop Connection in Windows or Microsoft Remote Desktop in OS X):
  1.     Open a remote connection to
  2.     When prompted, login using your NetID and Password (for first time users, it will take a few seconds to create a user profile)
  3.     If you have previously logged into the server, proceed to step 8. If you are a first time user, the connection for FourWinds will need to be established first.
  4.     Open Content Manager Desktop from the shortcut on the desktop
  5.     Wait for Content Manager to open, and then close all open windows to exit the application
  6.     Double-click on either FWi Setup or FWi Setup Engineering (if you work in the Grainger College of Engineering)
  7.     Follow on the on-screen prompts to create the connection
  8.     Open Content Manager again, which should now be configured and displaying your unit folder