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Troubleshooting steps for laptop connection issues in General Assignment classrooms.

Laptop isn't showing on the projection screen


  1. Make sure the system is on by pressing Display On on the control panel or Start with Audio and Video on a pullout touchscreen. Wait 30-90 seconds for the Display On button to stop blinking, or the touch panel to stop counting down.

  2. Once you've ensured that the system is on, try these steps to refresh the connection between the laptop and the projector:

    1. Confirm Pic Mute is not selected.

    2. If the laptop is awake, put it to sleep/close it.

    3. Unplug the adapter/HDMI or VGA cable and plug it in again.

    4. Open the laptop.

  3. Sometimes, switching to a different source and then switching back to the laptop source fixes display problems. Try pressing the DVD button and then the Laptop (or HDMI or VGA) button on the control panel.

  4. Go to Display Mode on the laptop:


    Access Display Mode:

    1. Apple icon in the upper-left corner of the screen
    2. System Preferences
    3. Displays
    4. Arrangement tab -> check the Mirror Displays box:
      Select the Arrangement tab and check the mirror display box.
      High Sierra Mirroring options
    5. Display tab -> Scaled -> select 1280 x 800 @60hz or 1024 x 768 @60hz
    • Windows 7, 8, 10: Press the Windows key and the P key together. Then select Duplicate.
    • Other: Press the F(n) key + the appropriate F(number) key at the top of the keyboard:

    Choose the appropriate function button to duplicate your display.


  5. On the laptop interface panel, make sure one end of the VGA cable is plugged into the Input port, NOT the monitor port:

     Input Port

    Make sure to plug the VGA cable into the Input port rather than the monitor port.

  • You can also try referring to one of these other laptop KB articles for more advanced troubleshooting.