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Kaltura, Roster for a Media Space channel

Uploading a course roster to a MediaSpace channel

How do I restrict my Kaltura MediaSpace Channel to my course roster?

If you wish to restrict a channel to the roster of your course you have 2 options. The first is for smaller rosters (under 20) the other is for larger rosters where it would be time consuming to enter one netid at a time. The second option (bulk upload of users) also works for large groups of users not in a class, perhaps netids of faculty in a department.

Smaller rosters

  1. Create the channel in MediaSpace (Kaltura, Channel creation).
  2. Set the channel privacy as Private
  3. As the channel admin go the channel, and find the Actions button (upper right side of the white space). Only channel admins can see this option.
  4. Select Edit
  5. Then select the Members tab
  6. Set the default permission level for users (Members can see content but can't add media or comment. Contributors can add media and make comments. We recommend one of these as the default for course content. If you need students to add media to the channel, list them as Contributors).
  7. Click Add Member and enter their netid.
  8. If you receive the error ([Link for document 58486 is unavailable at this time]). 

Larger rosters, large list of netids, bulk upload

Sometime a channel admin wants to restrict a channel to a list of faculty netids or a course roster. The Kaltura admins can do this as a bulk process.
  1. Create the channel in Media Space or send an email to  asking the Kaltura admins to create the channel. We recommend you create the channel yourself and then ask for the netids to be uploaded. Set the channel privacy as Private.
  2. Send the admins a comma separated list of the netids you wish to have access to the channel. (netid1,netid2,netid3)   - No spaces or please. This works best if the list of netids is not in a course roster (such as a list of faculty, staff, or students in a group).
  3. If the channel is for a course, you can send an email to and include
    • Name and number of the course (CS555)
    • section number(s)
    • CRN
    • Please also include the url of the channel you have created so we can set the permissions on the correct space. 
MediaSpace channels work very well for restricting access to the students in a course or media to a specific list of netids, and we know many courses prefer a channel outside an LMS. 
A reminder that if you use Moodle or Canvas, you can post media to your space using Kaltura without needing to set up a MediaSpace channel and permissions. The media gallery in Moodle and Canvas functions just like a MediaSpace channel, but you do not need to restrict by netid. Or you can place the videos in context, anywhere in your course space. The LMS space permissions handle this for you. 

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