Kaltura, Scheduling a video to publish in the future

I have a video I want to upload to Kaltura today but it can't be viewed until a future date. How do I schedule this?

This is a feature of Kaltura but at this time only someone with access to the administrator interface can set the schedule. 

Some examples of media entries that use this feature are "embargoed" news (announcement of an initiative or hire) or program that cannot be seen online until after it is shown elsewhere. Communicators most often use this feature, and it is an excellent way to upload media and have it ready to go at a specific date and time. 

To schedule a media entry (or entries) for publishing later, send mail to consult@illinois.edu and include:
Once we have confirmed that the video is scheduled per your request, you can publish the media to a channel or gallery and it will not be visible to anyone until the date you requested.