SFB Contact Center, TouchPoint Client Installation

This document details initial installation instructions for TouchPoint software used by agents of the Skype for Business Contact Center. The document and software are intended for Contact Center users only!

  1. Download the TouchPointSetup.exe and the ContactCenterRegistryKeys.txt files from the following Box location: https://uofi.box.com/s/sbz55amqj01687tnggq555mjy3sx38gb
  2. Double-click on TouchPointSetup.     
    TouchPoint EXE

  4. Click “Start Install”.

  5. TouchPoint Install

  6. Click “Yes” on the User Account Control box, to install the software, if prompted.
  7. You will see the progress of the installation at the bottom of the installation window.

  8. TouchPoint Install Progress

  9. When the installation has finished, you will be prompted to launch the application.
  10. Copy the contents of the ContactCenterRegistryKeys.txt file into notepad and save as a .reg file (Remember to choose “All Files” for the file type.). Then run the .reg file to add the necessary entries. Please note: you must be a local admin on the machine for this step to work.
  11. Start Skype for Business. Login to it if prompted to do so.
  12. Click “Launch TouchPoint”.

  13. TouchPoint Launch

  14. You will see the application starting.

  15. TouchPoint Application Start

  16. You may need to allow the application access through your firewall by clicking “Allow access”.

  17. TouchPoint Firewall Exception

  18. The TouchPoint application should connect automatically if you are logged in to Skype for Business.

TouchPoint Queue Login