Illinois Compass 2g, Batch enroll users

This document details how to use an external file to batch enroll users within a course being served by Illinois Compass 2g.

The Import Process Step-by-Step

·         Prepare your delimited import batch file (see rules below):

Rules for Creating a Batch File

The batch file must include only one record per line. Each field must separate by a comma. Fields must appear in the following order for each user record:

Net ID,Last Name,First Name,Email,Password,Course Role,UIN,Middle Name,Job

Title,Department,Company,Street 1,Street 2,City,State / Province, Zip / Postal Code,Country,Work Phone,Home Phone,Work Fax,Mobile Phone,Website,Course Availability,Other Name,Suffix,Title

Fields colored RED are required. The Batch Enroll process cannot be used to change information about a user already in the system. Once the system recognizes a Net ID, information in the other fields will be ignored. While name and Password information is still required to process the batch file, this data is not entered into the system if the user already exists and incorrect data will not harm the user. For example, the Password for an existing user cannot be changed. The “password” field should be a blank (see below).

It is not necessary to include any of the other fields, however, data not included must still be delimited. For example, the following line will enroll nricker as a student in the course:


Net ID: This field is case-sensitive. Typos within the Net ID will result in a new user being created or enrollment given to an unintended user. It is recommended to use all lower-case characters for this field.

Course Role: The Course Role field accepts the following values: "S" for Student, "P" for Instructor, "T" for Teaching Assistant, "B" for Course Builder, "G" for Grader, "A" for Course Administrator

Password: The Illinois Compass 2g system uses an external authentication mechanism that is tied to the University NetID. There is no need to provide a password for new enrollees. However, because it’s required, the password field has to be represented by a “blank” (i.e., double commas). 

An example *.csv has been provided as part of this article for your reference when creating an import file.


A delimiter is a character that tells the system when one field ends and another begins. Using the comma delimiter is recommended because it is easy to see when looking at a batch file and is not likely to appear in any of the fields. The delimiter must be one of comma, tab, or colon and the system will detect it if the Automatic delimiter is selected. If a delimiter character appears within a field, such as "Baltimore, Maryland" the field must be quoted to render correctly the value of Baltimore, Maryland. If a quotation mark appears within a quoted field, it must be used twice (doubled up), for example "Alexander ""the Great"" renders the value Alexander "the Great".


Problem: Errors occur when processing the file
Cause: Empty rows in the batch file.
Solution: Delete any extra line breaks in the batch file so that there are no blank lines between user entries. Each user entry should start and end on the same line with the next entry starting on the next line.

Problem: User information is added but the information appears in the wrong fields.
Cause: Data is entered in the wrong order or fields that are intentionally left blank are not being recognized and data from a populated field is added to a field that should be blank.
Solution: Check that the data is entered in the correct sequence. This is important if reusing a batch file created for a previous release as the order of the fields may have changed. Also check that fields that are intended to be blank are still delimited. For example, "Student ID,"Middle Name","Job Title", should appear as "Student ID",,"Job Title", within the batch file when a middle name is not entered as part of the user record.

Problem: A new user is created instead of enrolling an existing user. Or, the wrong user is enrolled.
Cause: The Net ID for the intended user is not correct in the batch file.
Solution: Check the Net ID in the batch file. Remember that the Net ID is case-sensitive and must match exactly to process an existing user.

Batch File Guidelines

Follow these general guidelines for uploading files:

Example *.csv for Student entries:

cvd,Van Doren, Carl,,,S

Escalation Path:

Escalate requests directly to "TechSvcs-Illinois Compass 2g Operations"