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Kaltura, Include PowerPoint Slides in a video

There are three ways to add slides to a video you share in Kaltura.

1- Add slides to an existing video (PowerPoint only)

Once any video is in Kaltura under My Media (available through, you can add PowerPoint Slides to it.

Click to Edit the video, then click on the Timeline tab.  

Image of timeline highting icon to add slides.

Clicking on the small icon that looks like a page to the right of the timeline allows you to add upload slides.  You can then control the timing of the slides by dragging them on the timeline. 

You can also replace the whole slide deck later, or even individual slides.   

2- CaptureSpace Presentation & Lectures (Advanced; PowerPoint only)

1) Launch CaptureSpace

If you haven't installed this yet:  

View your Kaltura My Media (through Illinois Media Space, Illinois Compass 2g, or Learn@Illinois Moodle).  Click the Add New button in the upper-right and choose CaptureSpace from the drop-down menu.  You will be asked to choose your operating system, Windows or Mac.

Choose CaptureSpace from Add New Menu

2) Choose Presentations and Lectures, at the top, under the Record tab.  

(If you don't see "Presentations and Lectures," you're still running the "Lite" version, and you ned to upgrade to the full version.  See above.)  

3) Click the "On" button for Presentation.  Click the Browse button to choose your PowerPoint slide deck.

Turn Presentation On

4) Click Record.  Five seconds will count down, PowerPoint will launch on your computer, and you're off and running.  You can click Pause if you need to, and Done when your presentation is complete.

Note: If you use this method, you can't leave your PowerPoint to demonstrate something else on your computer.  You're locked in to slides only.  

5) When you click Done you will be able to review the video.  You have the option to "Trim" (remove some of either the beginning or ending f the video) or "Chop" (take out a portion elsewhere in the video).  
Trim or chop your presentation

Click Done to move on.  

6) The Save button saves the video locally.  Upload adds it to your account in Kaltura. 

7) When users view the video, they will be able to choose the arrangement of the video and slides with the icons in the upper-right.  By clicking on the horizontal lines in the upper-left, they can navigate the video by choosing slides, and also search the text on the slides.   

How users will view your video

Presentation and Lectures mode will turn slides into static images (motion, animations, etc, will not show in the video), but the text on slides will be searchable.

When you are selecting a Powerpoint presentation, if you see the error "“The selected presentation is invalid. Invalid presentations will not be recorded” in a pink box...go ahead and search for the Powerpoint file again and load it in the same way. We have only encountered this error once, and cannot reproduce it. If you happen to see it, just try the file again. If you have the problem again, contact Technology Services, we will want to see the file.

3- CaptureSpace Screen & Webcam (for all other slides)

If your slides are not in PowerPoint, you'll need to use the desktop capture mode and show the slides on your desktop.  This also allows you to switch from slides to another application.  

Screen and Webcam captures motion in slides, but the text on slides is not searchable.

4- Screen (and audio) 

This method is identical to the third, above, but without the Webcam.  

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