U of I Box, Service

What is U of I Box?

Box.com is now the University of Illinois' cloud service storage solution! To set up your U of I box account, start here.


UIC: https://help.uic.edu/
UIS: https://www.uis.edu/informationtechnologyservices/contact/
UIUC: https://techservices.illinois.edu/get-help

Benefits of using U of I Box:

NOTE: If you already have a Personal (free) Box.com account and would like to upgrade to a U of I Box Individual (Enterprise) account, see U of I Box, Accounts, Personal and Enterprise Account Conflict

If you wish to request a Team Folder that will belong permanently to your group or department, see U of I Box, Information and Requesting Shared Team Folders

Please note that while U of I Box is certified for the storage of FERPA-protected data (grades, assignments, etc.), U of I Box should NOT be used to store banking information, passwords, SSNs or other data classified as High Risk by the university’s Data Classification standard. (see https://cybersecurity.uillinois.edu/data_classification)

Exception:  For data that relates to HIPAA compliance, there is now a method by which Box may be used to store Protected Health Information (PHI).  You MAY NOT use your personal Illinois Box account for this purpose, but if you have a need for this type of storage, you may begin the process of obtaining a folder that is approved by the university for this purpose, by visiting https://hipaa.uillinois.edu/protecting-phi-with-box-health-data-folders.