WebStore, Adobe Creative Cloud Enterprise ID FAQ

Commonly asked questions about the Adobe Creative Cloud Enterprise ID. How do I Adobe Enterprise ID

WebStore, Adobe Creative Cloud Enterprise ID FAQ

Commonly asked questions about the Adobe Creative Cloud Enterprise ID.

With the release of the Adobe Creative Cloud 2019 software platform, everyone using the Adobe software provided under the campus license must sign in.

Below is a selection of commonly asked questions about the Adobe Creative Cloud Enterprise ID and license. If you do not find the answer to your question below, please email your questions to webstore@illinois.edu.


What software and services are included in the Adobe Creative Cloud Enterprise ID license?

    For details about what is included, please see this WebStore offer

How do I get started using my Adobe Faculty/Staff Enterprise ID?

    After you have ordered this free WebStore offer and your account has been activated, follow the instructions included in the offer to Sign in and begin installing Adobe applications. If you already have the Adobe Creative Cloud Apps installed you can simply Sign in with your Enterprise ID.

How many computers can I use my Adobe Faculty/Staff Enterprise ID with?

    You may be signed in to your Adobe Enterprise ID on up to two computers at a time.


Who is eligible to be included in the Adobe Faculty/Staff Enterprise ID license?

    In order to be included, you must be a University Employee designated as Staff or Faculty. Unfortunately, retirees and student employees are not included. You can check your status under My Profile in your WebStore account.


What are my options if I do not qualify for a Faculty/Staff Adobe Enterprise ID through the University?

    Students may use Adobe software installed in labs, classrooms, and on other shared devices by Signing in with their University email address via their campus authentication service. All students have been assigned a license which allows them access to the Adobe Platform on these University computers.


Can the Adobe software be installed and used in a Remote Desktop environment such as Citrix or Terminal Services?

      No, this software may not be installed or used in a Remote Desktop environment. This type of use is not included in the license agreement and is not supported by Adobe.


How can my Department gain access to the Adobe software for our Student Employees?

      Students employees may use the Adobe software platform when it is installed on University-owned computers, including shared workstations with the Shared Device License type. WebStore has an offer that allows Departments to order a license for Student employee's personal computer on an annual basis for a small fee. Please email WebStore@illinois.edu if you are interested in this license type.


I am a Student; may I purchase an Adobe Subscription to use on my personal computer?

      Yes, you may order an Adobe Creative Cloud Enterprise Access for Student Personal Use from this free WebStore offer  for your personal computer.  


Can I merge my personal Adobe ID with my Enterprise ID?

    No, there is no way to merge the two accounts. You can move items saved in your Adobe Personal account and libraries to the Enterprise account by downloading them to your local computer and then once signed with your Enterprise ID and syncing them to the new account. Please see this link for more details.


What happens to my Adobe Enterprise ID when I leave the University?

    After you separate from the University your account will be removed, and the access to the software will end.


Is it possible to purchase a larger Adobe Creative Cloud Storage space?

    No, at this time you cannot purchase a larger Adobe Creative Cloud Storage space.


Can I buy fonts not included in the free Adobe Type kit or Adobe Stock?

    No, the program does not allow us to enable purchases on the Adobe Enterprise accounts. However, the Adobe Type Kit Fonts are included with the Adobe agreement and can be accessed with an Adobe Enterprise ID allowing you to sync fonts to the Adobe applications you use.


Can I use my Adobe Creative Cloud Software while I am offline or have no internet connection?

    An internet connection is required to activate and install the software, but an ongoing internet connection is not required. You may use the software offline for up to 99 days.


 See this Adobe page for more details.

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