EndPoint Backup, CrashPlan, Purchasing Licenses from TechServices

How to purchase licenses for the CrashPlan backup service through TechServices

How do I purchase a license for CrashPlan through TechServices?

Licenses for the CrashPlan/Code42 backup service can be purchased for faculty and staff as a Unit purchase through WebStore. Licensing runs on a yearly basis, aligned with the University fiscal year (July 1st through June 30th) at a cost of $70.00 per user license. Licenses are pro-rated to $35.00 half-way through the year. A license allows one user to use the software on up to 5 devices with unlimited cloud storage. Once purchased you will have access to the CrashPlan/Code42 client software and will need to download and install it on your devices.

Please consult the other UIUC CrashPlan KB articles for additional information.
Questions about CrashPlan may be sent to: webstore@illinois.edu 
Please include 'CRASHPLAN' in the subject.