Digital Signage, Sharing Content in Content Manager

This KB article describes best practices in sharing digital signage.

Digital Signage: Adding and Using Shared Content

Adding content to be shared is nearly identical to adding non-shared content. The two differences are:

  1. Placing it within Content where you own it but others can find it and use it
  2. Setting the appropriate recurrence to determine when your share content will be played.

Step 1: Placing Shared Content

Suggested best practices:

  1. Most, if not all, of your shared content will be file-based rather than a link to a webpage or live data. This includes images (.jpg, .png, etc.) and video files (.mpg, .avi, .wmv. etc.)
  2. Create a sub-folder within your departmental content folder on the S:/ drive to store the shared files separate from your other files.
  3. When adding the content, place it your “departmental shared” category rather than your private content. All Shared Content categories are located beneath “Urbana Shared Content.”
  4. All shared content categories are read/write by users within the given department and read-only for all other users.

 Shared Content Categories

Step 2: Setting Recurrence

When sharing content with other campus units, it is important that you set the Recurrence properties of each content item to reflect a beginning and ending date/time that determines when content is allowed to play on any sign, regardless of whether it is your own sign or not. This is valuable when you would want content related to an event to not play before a certain date and stop playing when the event is over.

You can set recurrence when bringing the content item into Content Manager or afterward. By default, the suggested recurrence is “All day every day effective” of when the content was added into the system.

To change the default recurrence:

  1. Right-Click on the content item and choose Edit.
  2. Click on the button to the right of the Suggested recurrence value.
  3. Set the date of first occurrence to the date that you want the item to begin playing.
  4. Under Range, set the date that you want the item to stop playing.
  5. In most cases, you will want to leave the other options as they are as these relate to “day parting” a technique that allows you to set the content to play only within specific times of day or on specific days.
The Recurrence settings below will allow the image only to play during a 5 day period between 1/29/18 and 02/02/18.

A Shared Content Properties  Shared Content Recurrences

Step 3: Using Shared Content

To use content that is being shared by your own or by other departments, drag and drop the content item(s) from the shared category to the timeline. Place it in the desired region of your template that is attached to a sign or multiple signs via a Playlist.

Do not create a copy of shared content in your own content category as the resulting content item Recurrence settings will not be controlled by the department that is sharing the content. It is best to leave the Recurrence settings to the department sharing the content with the campus. Otherwise, a content item related to an event (for example) could play on your signs well after the event is over.