Illinois Compass 2g, Collaborate Ultra outage protocol

In case of an outage in Collaborate Ultra, instructors can use the following alternative tools and services.

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Illinois Compass 2g, Blackboard Collaborate Ultra is a powerful tool for collaboration in an Illinois Compass 2g course. Due to its dynamic nature, Collaborate Ultra undergoes frequent updates in order to offer a more robust user experience; the result of these updates is the occasional unexpected or prolonged downtime.

In case of an unexpected Collaborate Ultra downtime, instructors should consider implementing and using the following tools and services in their Illinois Compass 2g course spaces in order to minimize the impact on online courses:

Instructors are encouraged to alert the Technology Services Help Desk to any Collaborate Ultra outage by email at or phone at 217-244-7000. Instructors may also check the Technology Services Status page for any updates on Collaborate Ultra's outage status.