Digital Signage, Subscribe to Digital Signage Listserv

This article describes how to subscribe to the digital signage listserv (signage-l).

The Digital Signage distribution listserv (signage-l) is intended for discussions related to digital signage on campus and for the announcement of the availability of new shared digital signage content.

This list is open for subscription.

To subscribe:
  1. Send an email from your campus email address to ''
  2. Put the following in the email subject: SUBSCRIBE signage-l FirstName LastName
  3. Leave the body of the email blank
To unsubscribe:
  1. Visit the site
  2. Log in to the site in the upper right-hand corner using your address and campus password
  3. In the left-hand column (Manage Your Subscriptions), click signage-l
  4. In the middle, left-hand box, click Unsubscribe