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This article provides information for connecting to unit package repositories in the Technology Services' Munki Mac Endpoint Management system.

Note: do NOT attempt to use Apple's TextEdit to modify manifests or pkginfo files in your unit's Multi-Tenant Munki repo.
TextEdit is known to cause problems as it attempts to auto-save open files to the mounted WebDAV repo.
If you opt to directly edit repo content with a text editor instead of MunkiAdmin, please use BBEdit.


  • Munki Mac Endpoint Management

Affected Customers

  • University of Illinois IT Pros leveraging Technology Services Endpoint Services' Munki Mac Endpoint Management


Connecting Using Finder

1. Open a Finder window
              Finder Icon

2. Select Go > Connect to Server (or +K)
          Connect to Server...

3. Enter the address of your repository and click the Connect button.
   *For the UIUC campus, enter https://USER@munki.eps.uillinois.edu:3443/repos/global/UofI/UIUC/UNIT_PREFIX)
           *For the UIC campus, enter https://USER@munki.eps.uillinois.edu:4443/repos/global/UofI/UIC/UNIT_PREFIX
           *USER and UNIT_PREFIX are your username and unit's Munki repository prefix, respectively.         
           *The address is case-sensitive.
Connect to Server Window
4. Enter your password and click the Connect button
Connect to Server Login Window
5. Your Munki repository will appear in a Finder window
Repository in Finder window

6. Note that in order to open pkginfo files at the global, UofI, or UIUC level, you will need to mount the global repository instead of your unit level repository. This is due to MTM's permissions and file locking mechanisms. The address of the global repository is https://USER@munki.eps.uillinois.edu:3443/repos/global, where USER is your username.

Connecting Using MunkiAdmin

There is an application called MunkiAdmin that provides a graphical user interface for managing a Munki repository. To connect to your repository via MunkiAdmin:

1. Download and install the MunkAdmin application from GitHub.*
            *MunkiAdmin utilizes some components of the Munki client and requires it to be installed in order for MunkiAdmin to run properly.

2. Follow steps 1 through 5 above in the Connecting Using Finder section to mount your Munki package repository in Finder

3. Launch the MunkiAdmin application. It's typically installed in either the Applications or Applications/Utilities directories.
              MunkiAdmin Icon

4. Within MunkiAdmin, select the Munki repository that you mounted in step 2 and click the Open button.
MunkiAdmin Repository Selection Window
5. MunkiAdmin will first scan your repository and then load it.
MunkiAdmin Loading a repo
6. You are now ready to manage your Munki repository with MunkiAdmin.
MunkiAdmin Loaded Repository

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