Illinois Compass 2g, Request New LTI Integration

This document details the procedures and requirements when requesting a new LTI integration with Illinois Compass.

Illinois Compass Operations – LTI Integration Requirements

Learning Technology Interoperability integrations is a learning technology standard overseen by IMS Global Learning Consortium to seamlessly integrated learning application used by instructors into their courses. This includes a standard protocol for establishing a trusted relationship between the tool provider and the Leaning Management System, allowing students and teachers to have a seamless, integrated experience of using the tool within the context of their course.

In addition to a written statement of use, the following items are required when requesting an LTI connection within the Illinois Compass service:

Because of the testing requirements, the installation will first take place on a development environment. This is to ensure the LTI integration performs/behaves as expected without affecting other courses, or the system in general. This also allows additional departments (such as Privacy and Information Assurance, and Identity and Access Management) to be called in for more detailed evaluation. Following the vetting process, the LTI will be scheduled for deployment within the production environment. Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for full integration following initial request submission.