U of I Box, Changing Campus

I have moved between campuses. How can I get access to my Box account?

The campus selected when logging in to U of I Box returns your NetID and campus affiliation as either netid@illinois.edu, netid@uis.edu, or netid@uic.edu, depending on your selection.

If your campus selection changes, your Box login must be updated to match your NetID and campus.

Please contact your campus help desk with the following details:
  • NetID 
  • Current campus
  • Previous campus
Once Box login is updated, select your campus in the selection screen and log in to U of I Box.

Campus Box Support

Urbana-Champaign: https://help.uillinois.edu/TDClient/42/UIUC/Home/

Chicago: https://it.uic.edu/services-support/student-resources/get-help/

Springfield: https://www.uis.edu/its/technology-support