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Illinois Compass 2g, Attendance Tool

Illinois Compass 2g includes an attendance tool in Course Tools.

redirecting.... Following the December 29, 2018 upgrade, Illinois Compass 2g includes an attendance tool in its Course Tools menu. The Attendance feature ties into the Grade Center and can be used to mark absences and tardy arrivals, as well as students being present in class.

Note: the Attendance tool is disabled by default.  In order to enable the tool, go to Customization > Tool Availability and tick the check box next to Attendance then click submit.

To access the Attendance tool, follow these steps:
  1. Look at the Control Panel and Course Menu
  2. Go to Course Tools
  3. Select Attendance
On the attendance panel, you have two view options: Overall or Meeting. You can input attendance data in either view. 


Overall provides you with an overview of attendance in the course, with analytics of attendance rates for students in general in the course, as well as on an individual basis. You can enter attendance information in the Overall tab by scrolling to the date you wish to enter data for and either clicking the date at the top of the column in order to enter data for all students simultaneously, or by selecting a student for which you wish to enter attendance information. 

If you click the date at the column header, you will see a drop down menu offering the choices of marking all students present, absent, clearing all marks, exempting the meeting for that date, editing the meeting (this option allows you to select a date for the meeting), or deleting the meeting's instance. You can select an option for all students and then edit individual students' information, as necessary. 

You can add meeting dates within the Overall view by hovering over the line separating columns until you see a purple + icon and clicking that icon. Clicking the purple + icon adds another meeting instance in your course. If you select "Edit this meeting," this will allow you to change the date setting for the newly-created meeting. You can then input the attendance data for that meeting. 


Meeting provides you with the information related to one instance of a class session. You can jump forward and backward between class meetings by clicking the arrow icons at the header of the meeting.

For each class meeting, you can record whether a student is present, late, absent, or excused, and as with Overall, you can select one option for all students and then edit students individually.

Gear Icon/Settings

Clicking the gear icon opens the Settings menu. By default, the grading schema is set to present equals 100%, late equals 50%, and absent equals 0%. You can also select if you wish to grade by letter, points, percentage, or letter (rounded up). Click Save to retain any changes you made in settings. A pop-up will appear asking if you wish to change the grading schema, click OK. 

Grade Center 

You can view attendance from the Grade Center, but you cannot mark students' attendance from here. 

The overall attendance grade for each student appears in a single column next to their other grade columns. 

Students' cumulative attendance score are based on 100 points. 

It is recommended that any changes to individual meetings be made through the Attendance tool rather than in the Grade Center.

Students can view their attendance grade through their My Grades pages. 


The Attendance tool is mobile capable. The tool displays one meeting at a time. Navigate between meetings using the "Previous Meeting" and "Next Meeting" arrows. 

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