Endpoint Services, What Is Endpoint Services?

This article describes the mission and responsibilities of the Technology Services Endpoint Services (EPS) team.


All Technology Services Endpoint Services

Affected Customers

University of Illinois IT Pros who manage campus endpoints.


EPS Mission

The mission of the Endpoint Services (EPS) team is to provide exceptional service and training to IT Professionals within the university system, in the use of industry standard tools for the cost-effective delivery of software, operating system patches, and system configuration; automated collection of computer inventory; and device setup.

General Information

The EPS team is responsible for running services that provide these types of tools to IT Professionals. EPS tools provide the opportunity to reduce operational costs for supporting campus desktop, laptop, and mobile computing devices. These tools provide secure updates, patch management, logging, inventory maintenance, and overall quick remediation abilities for IT Professionals. Endpoint Services solutions include highly automated and integrated tools to significantly reduce the effort required to manage and secure desktop computers.

Current service offerings include the following; specific offerings may change as appropriate and as the technology and/or best practices evolve.

The EPS team provides additional value to these services by:

Are there costs associated with using EPS services?

EPS service fees are levied on a per-endpoint basis, and are dependent on campus affiliation. See our offerings and costs article for more information.

What is the unit IT Professional responsible for?

How do I get more information or sign up to use these services?

To request provisioning for an EPS service, please visit our EPS support request form; choose the desired service and select the “Provision” request type. General service and support questions may be submitted via the form or by emailing TechSVC-EPS-Mgr@mx.uillinois.edu.

Service Maintenance Windows

Maintenance windows for EPS services are listed here.

EPS Knowledge Base Portal

Visit the EPS Portal, a knowledge base landing page for EPS services.

Contact the EPS team