Compass, Moodle, Videos do not appear in Compass or Moodle

Viewers in Compass and Moodle are seeing Blocked by Content Security Policy messages or no video at all

Updated 2019-03-01

Viewers in Compass and Moodle are experiencing an issue where video does not appear (Chrome - white/blank area) or an error message of "Blocked by Content Security Policy" (Firefox). 

The full error reads
"Blocked by Content Security Policy
An error occurred during a connection to
Firefox prevented this page from loading in this way because the page has a content security policy that disallows it."

We are working to determine the root cause of the issue. 

There are 2 simple work arounds for this, you can select one of them.
  1. Once you see issue in Compass or Moodle, open another tab and go to and select "Illinois Login". You will not need to authenticate again. Then go back to Compass or Moodle and refresh the page and the videos should appear.
  2. You can go to and log in before going to Compass/Moodle, the videos will be viewable.

This is NOT a security or permissions issue. This is a problem with the Shibboleth handshake with Kaltura and a poor error message that appears.