Zoom Meeting limited to 40 minutes?

There is a 40 minute meeting limit for Zoom hosts with Basic accounts.

Q: Why is my Zoom account meetings functionality limited to 40 minutes (Basic account), but I have been told I should have Pro account functionality?

A: To quality for Zoom Pro functionality, you must Sign-in through the UI Zoom Portal (https://illinois.zoom.us) AND be a UIUC Faculty, Staff or Student member.

1) How do I Sign-in to the UI Portal (https://illinois.zoom.us)?

Please close all current browser instances and the click on the link provided above and you should see this screen:

Illinois.Zoom.US Sign-In Page

Please Sign-in using your University credentials and share attributes. Once Sign-in completes you will have Zoom Basic functionality by default (look at your Profile) and if your college/department participates in the Zoom Consortium, Zoom Pro functionality will be automatically assigned.

2) Am I eligible to get a Pro License?

Currently only Staff, Faculty and Students are eligible for Pro Licenses.  Retirees, OLLI members, sponsored or special type accounts will all be provisioned basic level accounts.

Remember; Zoom pro functionality is automatically assigned to your account on successful Shib SSO Sign-in.