Office 365, ProPlus, Device Based Subscription

Office 365 ProPlus Device Based Subscription is Microsoft’s replacement for Device Based Activation Service.

Device Based Subscription:

With respect to MECM:

MECM console path:

“\Software Library\Overview\Application Management\Applications\MANAGED APPLICATIONS\Microsoft\Office 365”  


Does Device Based Activation work for Mac machines?

No. At this time Microsoft does not offer a device registration method of Office 365 ProPlus. Individuals are encouraged to use the Office 365 ProPlus option from the Office 365 portal. See Office 365 Installation instructions in the following knowledge article: Office 365, Office Software Installation / Activation / Troubleshooting

I used a User account or my own NetID to register the license on a device previous to DBS, how do I get my license back?

You can reclaim licenses used this way by logging into

What are the Requirements for DBS?

Endpoints that don’t meet these requirements will need to either leverage user-based activation of Office 365, or install Office 2019. Due to the limited availability of MAK for Office 2019 Endpoint Services will not be hosting it via SCCM. For information on acquiring Office 2019, see WebStore, Microsoft 2019 and Newer Product release.

Licensing Difference:

Left: User based

Right: Device-Based

User / Device