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RDP to FAA Windows Desktop

Please note that your computer at work must be on in order to remote access it.

Goal: Connect a remote university Windows laptop to a Windows PC on campus.

Step #1 Find the “machine name” of your work desktop pc. Save this name as it will be used twice. The machine name is made up of “FAA-“ followed by a set of 6 characters, and might look something like “FAA-12A3C4.”

1) Open a ticket with MITS South Help Desk and provide the machine name of your PC. Our office will then add your NetID for Remote Desktop Access in the Active Directory (AD).

2) Save the name as you will need to enter the machine name with “” in the Remote Desktop Connection object.

Step #2 Get the campus RDP Gateway connector on the desktop of the laptop. You can do this on the laptop from either home or work.

1) This Answers document has instructions and a link to the RDP Gateway connector - Networking, Remote Desktop Gateway Service

2) Download the needed RDP connector and save it to your desktop from here -

3) Double-click the RDP connector to open it on your desktop

Image 1

4) Enter the machine name with the “” suffix to make it a fully-qualified address.

Image 2

5) Press Connect in this dialogue box.

Image 3

6) The “enter your credentials box” can and is annoying at times. The safest way to navigate this box is to

a. click the More Choices link toward the bottom.

Image 4

b. Highlight and click the Use a different account box and then enter UofI\NetID and your AD password:

Image 5

7) If your work desktop is on, and the RDP Gateway accepts your uofi\NetID and password, you will see the Remote Desktop Connection box. Click Yes and the RDP Gateway will securely forward your name and “successful password” entry to your work desktop:

Image 6

8) If your work desktop has you in the Remote Desktop Users Group, the laptop screen will be taken over by your work desktop. This is why you must submit your machine name to Technology Services at FAA, so that we can add your credentials for access. You will see a bar across the top of your screen.

a. Roll over the top of your screen with your mouse to get the toolbar back when it fades.

b. The _ and double-boxes on the toolbar at the top of your screen will minimize and “window” your RDP session to show you your desktop on the laptop.

c. The X is a good way to leave your machine at the end of a session. It will disconnect you and leave your campus desktop with a locked screen.

9) Leave your work desktop on.

a. You can lock (Windows Key+L) at the end of the day with programs open.

b. Network problems will bring the “Tries 20 times reconnection” box.

c. Your desktop at work will always show locked (nothing on screen).

d. X’ing or closing the session will just leave your work desktop locked (nothing changes or closes).

e. RDP is very secure.

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