Remote Access, Turning your mobile phone into a wireless hotspot for your computer

If you have a data plan on your mobile phone and want to share that data with your personal computer to have a larger screen to work with, here’s where to start.

Your computer checklist:

Your mobile phone checklist:

After you’ve turned on your hotspot

Your newly created hotspot will have a network name -- it might or might not include your wireless provider or phone model; it might involve some random numbers and letters. 

On your computer, click on the wireless symbol (usually in the bottom right for Windows and on the top bar for Macs) to see which wireless signals your computer detects.

Select your phone’s newly created hotspot network name from the list of available networks.

If you don’t see your computer’s hotspot network name listed, here are some troubleshooting resources.

Turn off connection sharing before connecting the VPN from your hotspot device itself

If you need to use the VPN on the computer which is connecting through the hotspot, you can make a VPN connection from the computer
while you are using your mobile device as a hotspot.

However, if you need to use the VPN on your hotspot-providing (mobile) device, you'll need to turn connection sharing off before making the
VPN connection from the mobile device.