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1*** Cloud, Cloud-based storage solutions for campus548802018-05-0818628
2*** U of I Box, Logging in to Box services480622018-04-133449
3U of I Box, Accounts, Personal and Enterprise Account Conflict480522018-05-142969
4U of I Box, Invalid login credentials480632018-05-144917
5U of I Box, Service763332018-03-2216285
6U of I Box, Protecting PHI with Box Health Data Folders Policies and Guidelines809352018-03-16197
7U of I Box, Box Terms of Service805102018-02-28163
8U of I Box, Using Box with FTP or FTPS802752018-02-20250
9U of I Box, Email directly to Folder646362018-01-04832
10Cloud Dashboard, Overview607412017-11-153330
11U of I Box, Leaving the University, Migrating your data538972017-11-023555
12Cloud Dashboard, Support Resources608962017-10-312262
13U of I Box, General Support480512017-10-311250
14U of I Box, Using Box under Linux609502017-10-275850
15U of I Box, Developer, Widgets, and APIs764912017-10-04770
16U of I Box, Deleted or Disabled personal account480582017-09-18998
17U of I Box, Upload and Download Limits480782017-07-311842
18U of I Box, Integration with Active Directory480712017-07-181464
19U of I Box, Email Notifications743292017-06-281029
20U of I Box, NetID or name change480772017-06-161699

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