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21Illinois Compass 2g, Allowing additional time on a test601012022-06-204977
22Illinois Compass 2g, Annotate Grading Tool1050472022-06-202202
23Illinois Compass 2g, Announcements497902022-06-208846
24Illinois Compass 2g, Assessing Student Work498172022-06-204215
25Illinois Compass 2g, Assignments498182022-06-2013302
26Illinois Compass 2g, Attendance Tool885052022-06-203410
27Illinois Compass 2g, Blackboard Grader App473952022-06-205139
28Illinois Compass 2g, Bulk delete columns822642022-06-203394
29Illinois Compass 2g, Canvas, General course policy questions473662022-06-203410
30Illinois Compass 2g, Canvas, Most common questions at the start of the semester890272022-06-203842
31Illinois Compass 2g, Canvas, Students, Best Practices for Taking Online Tests841822022-06-205693
32Illinois Compass 2g, Commenting on a Blog498192022-06-206147
33Illinois Compass 2g, Content Areas498232022-06-2026111
34Illinois Compass 2g, Content Folders498252022-06-206442
35Illinois Compass 2g, Copy and Move Content498282022-06-208463
36Illinois Compass 2g, Copy tests from one course to another593912022-06-204303
37Illinois Compass 2g, Course Links498312020-03-166161
38Illinois Compass 2g, Course Roles498762022-06-2013771
39Illinois Compass 2g, Creating a Mashup Item using the Text Editor498722022-06-206515
40Illinois Compass 2g, Creating and Editing a Test or Survey498342022-06-209709

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