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41Webstore, Changes to the Autodesk software license563822020-05-044595
42Webstore, Microsoft Volume License Office / Windows not genuine and has expired message565702020-05-043307
43Webstore, Retiree eligibility for the Microsoft Campus Agreement565712020-05-043671
44Webstore, Installing Windows Upgrade and Office on Lab Machines565722020-05-042750
45Webstore, Who is covered under the Microsoft Campus Agreement565732020-05-042679
46Webstore, Windows and Office for University owned computers565772020-05-043139
47Webstore, Microsoft Desktop Package for IT Pros565782020-05-043104
48Webstore, LabVIEW about to expire despite applying the new license file565802020-05-043184
49Webstore, General Order policies565812020-05-042853
50Webstore, Error when applying new SAS license file565822020-05-043556
51Webstore, Windows for Mac567762020-05-043571
52Webstore, Microsoft software activation on computers not connected to the UI network565792020-05-063911
53Webstore, Issues with the Symantec antivirus software567782020-05-063387
54Webstore, Release timeline for new versions of software567792020-05-063358
55Webstore, Apple software567802020-05-063293
56Webstore, Using both the Group and Concurrent license for Matlab567832020-05-063204
57Webstore, Using a CFOP/Banner account to make a purchase567842020-05-065139
58Webstore, Password/authorization code for SPSS567852020-05-063512
59WebStore, Viewing past purchases567862020-05-062878
60Webstore, Products included in Packages567872020-05-062877

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