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41Illinois Compass 2g, Creating a Mashup as a Content Item498712020-08-184168
42Illinois Compass 2g, Creating a Mashup Item using the Text Editor498722020-03-164262
43Illinois Compass 2g, Creating a Sign-up sheet using the Wiki Tool666162017-09-015624
44Illinois Compass 2g, Creating and Editing a Test or Survey498342020-03-116976
45Illinois Compass 2g, Creating Blogs498202020-03-166814
46Illinois Compass 2g, Creating content items498332020-03-165850
47Illinois Compass 2g, Creating Group Assignments498592020-03-167546
48Illinois Compass 2g, Creating Group Sets667362019-01-233144
49Illinois Compass 2g, Creating self-enrollment for a course664352020-03-162320
50Illinois Compass 2g, Creating Self-Enrollment Groups667372019-01-233377
51Illinois Compass 2g, Creating Single Groups667352019-01-233211
52Illinois Compass 2g, Creating weighted columns in Gradebook729332017-04-262992
53Illinois Compass 2g, Deploying Tests and Surveys498352017-10-1016090
54Illinois Compass 2g, Digication E-Portfolio Tool752572020-08-102416
55Illinois Compass 2g, Direct Submit498492020-03-1652376
56Illinois Compass 2g, Download Test or Quiz results in Grade Center627912017-10-162175
57Illinois Compass 2g, Downloading student assignment submissions783912017-11-273639
58Illinois Compass 2g, Drag and drop files822612018-05-151859
59Illinois Compass 2g, Drop Lowest Assessment Grade from the Grade Center633242018-05-043849
60Illinois Compass 2g, Dropped from Compass 2g session for inactivity time limit704742020-03-162150

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