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41Illinois Compass 2g, Instructors, Assessments, How to edit a comment on an assessment that has already been returned to the student473702022-06-203898
42Illinois Compass 2g, Instructors, Announcements, How to create an announcement473712017-10-163938
43Illinois Compass 2g, Instructors, How to extend student access to courses602762022-06-207116
44Illinois Compass 2g, Inline Grading797192022-06-205951
45Illinois Compass 2g, i>clicker476192022-06-2041047
46Illinois Compass 2g, How to import and export grades in Grade Center473722020-03-167221
47Illinois Compass 2g, How to change student's availability in a course908342022-06-203406
48Illinois Compass 2g, How Students Review Test Questions and Feedback618602022-06-204892
49Illinois Compass 2g, How Instructors review feedback given to students624182022-06-203621
50Illinois Compass 2g, How do I add instructors, TAs, Course Administrators, Designers, or Students473782022-06-2013521
51Illinois Compass 2g, Hidden course menu in Illinois Compass 2g473832022-06-203473
52Illinois Compass 2g, Handling SafeAssign errors473792020-03-163639
53Illinois Compass 2g, Guest, observer, or auditor access not showing content473822022-06-204970
54Illinois Compass 2g, Grade Center498582022-06-2025129
55Illinois Compass 2g, Force completion776032022-06-203869
56Illinois Compass 2g, Email498552022-06-204328
57Illinois Compass 2g, Editing and Managing Groups667382022-06-204031
58Illinois Compass 2g, Editing and Managing a Blog498512022-06-208729
59Illinois Compass 2g, Edit Mode498542022-06-206549
60Illinois Compass 2g, Dropped student still has access to class (for faculty)473582020-03-166666

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