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61Kaltura, CaptureSpace, My Media629602018-08-144340
62Service, Captioning Media651582018-08-072727
63Kaltura, Old links to media not working in copied Compass course824462018-05-25812
64Kaltura, Video quizzing (for instructors)794992018-05-151513
65Kaltura, My Media629622018-03-122987
66Kaltura, Public channels804612018-03-051179
67Kaltura, Creating a Channel Playlist798682018-02-071509
68Kaltura, Taking a video quiz (for students)795002018-01-191138
69Kaltura, My History function763592018-01-031485
70Kaltura 3rd party cookies789872018-01-0331228
71Kaltura, Make a video available for downloading756112017-11-154445
72Kaltura, 360-degree video716492017-10-022344
73Kaltura, Downloading media578632017-09-113832
74Kaltura, Viewing stats and analytics763582017-09-072870
75Kaltura, Embed code doesn't appear for media I own665192017-09-062236
76Kaltura, Publishing media to a public gallery659202017-09-062137
77Kaltura, Making a Video Public607182017-09-067410
78Kaltura, Managing channels and MyChannels669442017-09-061622
79Kaltura, Private content linked from a public gallery598042017-08-153049
80Kaltura, Creating and using playlists in MediaSpace for faculty and staff669532017-05-042388

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