1. Active Directory, U of I Resources in AWS
  2. Amazon Web Services, Authoritative DNS Guide for Illinois
  3. Amazon Web Services, Granting access to the AWS Console
  4. Amazon Web Services, PHP Sessions
  5. Amazon Web Services, Recursive DNS Guide for Illinois
  6. Amazon Web Services, Requesting an Account
  7. Amazon Web Services, VPC Guide for Illinois
  8. AWS, Python CLI Configuration for shibboleth 2FA authentication
  9. Cell Phones, Procedures
  10. Google Cloud Platform, How to Access the Console and Manage Permissions
  11. Google Cloud Platform, How to Request a Subscription
  12. Google Cloud Platform, Pricing Cost Estimates
  13. Pinnacle, Quick Start Guide for Submitting Service Requests
  14. RightFax - Fax Services
  15. RightFax, Requesting a New Group RightFax Account
  16. Virtual Hosting, Backup Service
  17. Virtual Hosting, Veeam Backup Additional Information
  18. Virtual Hosting, Veeam Backup Self-Service Portal
  19. Web Hosting, Comparing current solutions available on campus
  20. Zoom, How to protect your sessions