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1NetID, Annual NetID Password Expiration475042023-02-1320840
2NetID Claim, How to Claim for Students481102023-05-1644435
3Technology Services Printing, Overview475962022-05-0281885
4U of I Box, Logging in to Box services480622023-09-0615948
5NetID Center, How do I change my NetID Password?492732023-12-1381445
6NetID Claim, How to claim a NetID as an Affiliate1190742023-06-213219
7Identity Management, What is my NetID?482422024-01-0859730
8NetID Claim, Activation Code and Check list for Undergraduates620372023-12-135361
9AITS, How to use the Affiliate NetID Manager1196212023-11-13578
10NetID Claim, Employees, UI New Hire488912023-10-1817107
11Identity and Access Management, Affiliate NetID Manager FAQ1283472023-10-176781
12NetID, Undergraduate to Graduate Transition627832023-09-264274
13U of I Box, NetID or name change480772023-08-037153
14NetID Claim, Activation Code for Graduate Students620392023-07-195798
15Identity Management, Link in Sponsor email for Affiliate NetID doesn't work1247062023-05-261348
16Identity Management, Changing your NetID341312023-05-0440709
17NetID Claim, Deactivated, Returning, and Uni High students481032023-03-2011124
18NetID Center, Set and modify your recovery options492812022-03-2912716
19NetID Center, Customer steps after receiving password token633662022-03-219898
20Office 365, Email, Exchange, How does changing NetID impact the Exchange service?479732020-03-036185
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