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1Cybersecurity, Removing macOS Spam Malware1208712024-01-235270
2WebStore, Adobe Apps Management Removed - Permissions message1288702024-01-101721
3Endpoint Security, Malwarebytes Remediation Connector Solution, What is Malwarebytes Remediation Connector Solution?1111902022-11-074318
4Office 365, Email, Configuring the Outlook App for Android and iOS815342024-03-1154208
5Cloud Security, Prisma, Adding and Removing Users [Campus login required]1281842024-03-274
6VPN, CISCO AnyConnect, removing from the drop-down menu472022024-03-12109760
7Canvas@Illinois , Removing columns in the Gradebook1123402023-08-043911
8Email, Spam Control, Removing blocked domains from Spam Control490222022-05-122920
9Browsers, Clearing Cache and Cookies1156542024-03-089934
10Help Desk, Hola VPN, How to Remove Wi-Fi Security Blocks947562024-01-0812200
11Endpoint Security, Malwarebytes Remediation Connector Solution, How to Scan1113772023-11-134627
12Email, Unsubscribe from all lists at the U of I1316392023-09-22342
13WebStore, How do I uninstall Mathematica664972023-09-126937
14U of I Box Account Deactivations1288732023-08-181111
15Canvas@Illinois , Conclude and restore student enrollments in a course1124012023-08-164387
16Canvas@Illinois , Deleting a file or folder1123462023-08-161893
17Canvas@Illinois , Dropped student has access to course space1126142023-08-163004
18Wiki, Add or Remove Users490282023-07-316574
19Wiki, How do I grant someone permission to remove attachments?490182023-07-315315
20Teams Contact Center, Account Activation or Deactivation Requests for Agents or Supervisors701302023-07-176236
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