iSchool Rooms: How to use the control panel (Room 12A, 46, 53, 126, 131, 242)

A guide to using the control panels in rooms 12A, 46, 53, 126, 131, 242 in 501 E. Daniel St.

Rooms 12A, 46, 131 and 242

These rooms have standard control panels with six command buttons.

  • Power: Turns on and off the systems for the projector.
  • Mute: Pauses the projection.

  • Volume: Controls the volume of the room speakers. (Please adjust the volume on built-in computer or laptop first.) 

  • PC: This enables you to project the built-in computer to the television screens. This is the optimal way to use these rooms. If you have a guest joining online, please use this setting. You can also join the same meeting on your laptop (muting your laptop) for ease and comfort, but be sure the built-in computer is handling sound. 

  • HDMI 2: This enables you to project a laptop screen via an HDMI cable. 

  • VIDEO: This will give you the same options as PC (in rooms with Solstice capabilities this will be the setting you will need to use).
  • VGA: This will give you the same options as PC.

Rooms 12A, 46, 131, and 242 control panel

Rooms 53 and 126

These are irregular control panels. 

Room 53

The control panel in this room can be found within the black cage on top of the desk in the South-West corner. The cage is not locked, but you may need to turn the  Use the buttons to select Built-in, HDMI, or Solstice.

Room 53 Control Buttons

Room 126

The control panel in this room is touch screen. It is located beneath the computer, built in the desk. The touch screen will take a moment or two for it to register your touch; so the key is to give it a few seconds if it doesn't automatically respond.

Tip: every time the system is powered on, the button Room Mic Mute, will be orange, indicating that it is muted. Just pressing the orange button will un-mute it and turn the button blue.

Room 126 Control Panel

Here is the main screen. To turn on the projector, press the Power button in the upper left side. This should turn on both sets of projectors and screens. Please do not manually pull down the projector screens. If only one of the projector and screens turn on, please press the buttons below power that relate to which screen did not come down. If the screen closest to you did not automatically lower, please press Screen A/B down. Then to turn on the projector, press Dual Projection that can be found on the main touch screen.

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