iSchool Classroom, LIS 53

Room 53 A/V and equipment guide. Room 53 is located in the basement of 501 E Daniel St.

Room Layout

The layout of Room 53 is shown below. As you can see, Room 53 is unique, in that it comes equipped with large televisions for a main display and for smaller, group displays for students to use.

A map of Room 53



Room 53 Equipment
Room 53 is equipped with: Room 53 does NOT contain:
  1. Seating for 36
  2. Two whiteboards
  3. 8 wall-mounted LED screens with speakers
  4. An HDMI cable for attaching a laptop to TV's
  5. A built-in computer
  6. A built-in camera
  7. A panel-controlled A/V system
  1. Projector and screen
  2. Chalkboard
  3. A built-in microphone 

Below, the input options for Room 53 displays are shown. This input device is located in the black cage (unlocked) at the front of the room.

input ports and selector buttons for room displays. Shows built-in, laptop, and solstice wireless inputs

Additional Images

1. The main display at the front of the room. The "solstice" input has been selected here, and the sync codes can be seen.

room 53 main display

2. The view of the classroom from the presenter's seat.

room 53 view from the presenter's seat

3. The mounted, remote-controlled camera for recording and hybrid teleconference purposes. Note: Do NOT manipulate this camera by hand. Instead, use the remote control at the front of the room. 

room 53 camera mount


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