FAQ Outlook Calendars

Frequently Asked Questions about Outlook Calendars.

FAQ Outlook Calendars

General questions 

By default, who can see my calendar, and what can they see? 

Anyone in the University of Illinois system across all three campuses can see your calendar by default. They can see any times in which you have something scheduled, but they are unable to see the details of what you have scheduled. 


If I create a new calendar in Outlook, will others be able to see that by default too? 

No. They can only see your default calendar called “Calendar.” 


What should I do if I want to share my calendar with or add the calendar of someone who has Outlook but does not belong to UIUC? 

You can share your calendar the same way that you would share it with anyone else, but you will enter the email of the user who you would like to share your calendar with. To add someone’s calendar, they will first have to share their calendar with you and then you will receive an email inviting you to add their calendar. Note that this can only be done in the browser version. 


How can I share a single event with others? 

Within your calendar, double-click the event you want to share. If it is a recurring event, select whether you want to share all of the events or one occurrence. In the pop-up, there will be a Details section about the event. To the right of that is another section titled People. This is where you can share your event with others. When you are finished sharing your event, click Save. 


Browser—App Relationship questions 

If I add an Outlook calendar in the browser version of Outlook, will the shared calendar show up in my app version? What about if I added the calendar in my app first—will it also show up in my browser? 

Yes, but your app version must be in online mode in order for those additions to sync. 


I integrated my Google calendar with my browser version of Outlook. Will my Google calendar appear in my Outlook app? 

No. There is an option to add your Google Calendar into the Outlook app, but the calendar will not update when you change it like it will when it’s integrated in the Outlook browser.

Browser questions 

What makes the default categories in my Outlook browser calendar (Mine, Other, People’s) different from one another? 

These are categories that Outlook has created to help you organize your calendars. Moving a calendar between categories will have no effect on sharing permissions. 

Mac app questions 

I’m using outlook for Mac, and I’m unable to see if someone’s free or busy. How can I fix this? 

You may be using an outdated version of outlook. Please ensure that Outlook is updated to version 14.3 or higher. 


I’m using the Mac app, but the calendar permissions button is grayed out. Why is that? 

A setting needs to be changed in the Outlook App. To change it, open up the Outlook preferences window, click General and then check the box that says Hide on My Computer folders.     

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