Printing with Staples (on Mac)

A guide to printing with staples on Optimus in 501 East Daniel

To Set Up Optimus for Stapling

  1. Open System Settings.

    Screenshot showing dropdown list with System Settings highlighted

  2. Scroll down on the left side of the pop-up window, then select Printers & Scanners.

    Screenshot of menu options on the left side of the window with Printers & Scanners highlighted

  3. Select Optimus from the printers list. Click on it once (don't double-click).

    Screenshot of the Printers & Scanners list with Optimus highlighted

  4. Click Options & Supplies.

    Screenshot of the details for Optimus with the Options & Supplies button highlighted

  5. Click Options from the three tabs across the top of the window.

    Screenshot of the Options & Supplies pop-up window with the Options tab highlighted

  6. Click the drop-down menu for Finisher.

    Screenshot of pop-up menu with the selection for the Finisher option highlighted

  7. Select Office Finisher LX, then click OK in the lower right corner.

    Screenshot with the Office Finisher LX option highlighted and labeled as the 1st step, then the OK button highlighted and labeled as the 2nd step

  8. Click the blue Done button in the lower right corner of the window.

To Print a Document with Staples

  1. Click File in the upper left corner of the screen, then select Print from the drop-down menu.

    Screenshot of drop-down menu with "Print" option selected

  2. Scroll down to view the "Printer Options" section and open its drop-down menu.

  3. Double-click on Xerox Features. If you see "Printer Features" instead of "Xerox Features," double-click on Printer Features.  

    Screenshot of the pop-up menu for printing on Optimus

  4. Open the menu next to Finishing.
  5. Select the number of staples needed for the document.
  6. Click Print

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